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Social media clampdown on ‘hate speech’ an attempt to silence dissent

Information Minister Fawad Chaudrhy has announced a ‘comprehensive
crackdown’ on hate speech on social media. Activists are already being
booked in the country and this crackdown is most likely to target
dissent, not hate speech.

  •  Information Minister has announced a comprehensive crackdown
  •  on “hate speech” on social media in Pakistan
  •  A working group, with representatives of FIA and other security agencies
  •  has been formed for the purpose
  •  Activists and journalists have criticized the move
  •  They say the step is aimed at silencing dissent
  •  under the garb of countering hate speech
  •  Last week, academic and activist Ammar Ali Jan was arrested
  •  His ‘crime’ was participation in a protest in Lahore
  •  against killing of Professor Arman Loni in Loralai,
  •  allegedly at the hands of police
  •  Journalist Razi Dada who has been critical of the state institutions
  •  was also arrested the same day
  •  Although his tweets circulating on social media did contain hate speech,
  •  he wasn’t charged with it in the FIR filed against him
  •  The announcement of clampdown on social media
  •  and the recent arrests are worrying
  •  Most disturbingly, political leaders are silent
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