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Shamima Begum went to join Daesh. Now she wants to come back but her citizenship is revoked

Shamima Begum, 19, left Britain to join Daesh but ended up back in UK with a newborn baby. Now she wants to return to normal life but her citizenship has been revoked. Does a teenage deserve such a harsh punishment?

  •  Britain has revoked a brown British citizen of their citizenship’
  •  Her name is Shamima Begum, she is 19, and stateless
  •  British Home Secretary Sajid Javid is responsible for this move
  •  Shamima was 15 when she left Britain with two other Muslim girls
  •  to travel to Syria and join ISIS
  •  He said there is no denying the severe consequences
  •  of her decision to join Daesh
  •  But should a teenager’s decisions be penalised this harshly?
  •  Does Britain not have a duty of care towards their citizens?
  •  After all, it was inside Britain that Shamima was radicalised
  •  Some say that the large number of returnees like Shamima
  •  indicate that Britain needs to build a reintegration program
  •  Denmark has such a program and it’s working well
  •  Today, Shamima has a one-week-old son
  •  and lives in a refugee camp in Syria
  •  The baby’s biological father is a former ISIS fighter
  •  Even if Shamima is no longer British,
  •  the new born baby certainly has citizenship
  •  But what kind of life would he have without his mother?
  •  Some say mother and child should ask Bangladesh for citizenship
  •  Shamima’s parents are originally from Bangladesh
  •  But Bangladesh has unequivocally stated they will not take her in
  •  Do you think Shamima should be allowed back in the UK?
  •  Or should she be punished by having no state for the rest of her life?
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