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SC orders govt to simplify registering sexual harassment complaints

Sexual harassment is something our women face on daily basis at workplaces, markets and everywhere else. Supreme Court has now ordered govt to simplify the process of registering the complaint in this regard and also ordered that the law should encompass transgender people as well

  •  Recently, SC ordered federal and provincial govts to simplify
  •  the process of registering sexual harassment complaints
  •  because the law is not ‘strong’ enough
  •  The court noted the weaknesses of the existing law
  •  pertaining to sexual harassment
  •  Earlier, a meeting attended by federal ombudsperson
  •  for sexual harassment discussed the flaws of
  •  Protection against Harassment of Women at Workplace Act, 2010
  •  This is what the meeting agreed upon:
  •  1) The law and its title should be changed to cater to all women,
  •  and not limited to the workplace
  •  2) Ombudspersons should have a legal background
  •  3) There should be no cut-off date for filing a complaint
  •  4) The law should encompass transgendered persons as well
  •  5) There should be a clearer definition of harassment
  •  Whether or not the law will be strengthened anytime soon is yet to be seen
  •  but nonetheless, it’s a positive development
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