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Saudi investment in Pakistan major breakthrough but govt narrative is flawed

In this vlog, Vicky Agha discusses the recent visit of Mohammad bin Salman to Pakistan and the economic breakthrough that it turned out to be for Pakistan. He says it isn’t a personal achievement of some leader but economic agreements between two countries.

  •  Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman’s recent Pakistan visit
  •  was undoubtedly a great economic breakthrough
  •  and the beginning of foreign direct investment in Pakistan
  •  Govt stance on this and the impression being built in media
  •  is that a particular leader is responsible for this investment
  •  Has the global perspective become so minute
  •  that countries are investing in other countries
  •  because certain persons are ruling those countries
  •  and they’d only invest when their favourites are ruling?
  •  This is not the case
  •  Such decisions are taken in accordance with financial interests
  •  The main reason behind this investment is CPEC
  •  because CPEC has become a reality today
  •  and the world now considers Pakistan a major investment avenue
  •  Govt needs to make sure that the multi-segment investment MoUs
  •  worth USD 20bn are turned into agreements
  •  and when the agreements are signed, it should work
  •  on the investments and their execution
  •  The environment in the region is ripe for this purpose
  •  It can be a joint economic activity for the entire world
  •  So looking at this investment in personal perspective is incorrect
  •  These are economic interests
  •  and are more important than personalities

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