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Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman made massive announcements for Pakistan

Here is Mohammad bin Salman’s Pakistan visit in NUMBERS. The Saudi Crown Prince was on Pakistan visit this week and promised some massive investments in various sectors, including an oil refinery to be set up in Gwadar.

  • Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salam visited Pakistan this week
  • MBS was received by PM Imran Khan and the COAS and was put up at the PM house
  • Here are the stats and facts of his trip that you need to know
  • 2,100 is the number of Pakistani prisoners in Saudi Arabia
  • that Saudi Crown Prince, has promised to release, immediately
  • PM Khan brought up the prisoners soon after MBS’s arrival,
  • and their release was announced shortly before his departure
  • 20 billion US dollars is the worth of agreements signed between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan
  • And this is just phase one, meaning there will be more Saudi investment
  • 5 per cent growth was seen in Pakistan in 2018, said the crown prince
  • Hence, he is confident of more growth
  • 20 hours, was roughly the time MBS spent in Pakistan, during his recent visit In this time, he announced that “There is great leadership here to put Pakistan in the right position.”
  • 20 top economies of the world, is where MBS sees Pakistan in the future
  • 2030 is the year in which MBS foresees Pakistan booming economically
  • Let’s hope economic stability comes even sooner

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