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PTI’s support in urban middle class isn’t enough to give it a clear edge over others. Here’s why

Pakistan’s middle class supports PTI overwhelmingly in the urban centres yet it is not in a comfortable majority in the parliament. In this v-log Obed Pasha gives a breakdown of the Pakistani middle class to explain why it is the case.

  •  Is PTI the only representative of Pakistani middle class?
  •  This is a very complicated question so let’s break it down
  •  First, we have to decide what we mean by middle class
  •  If by middle-class we mean urban, university-educated class
  •  then yes, the statement holds truth
  •  that PTI largely represents this class
  •  But most people in Pakistan are running their family businesses
  •  after completing their matriculation or intermediate
  •  or cultivating their 15-20 acre agricultural land
  •  or are diploma holders in technical education
  •  In this class, PTI isn’t as popular as it is in the former
  •  Like in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, people also have soft corner
  •  for Pashtun Tahafuz Movement, alongside PTI
  •  In Balochistan, they are inclined more towards nationalist parties
  •  In Sindh, people still support People’s Party, although grudgingly
  •  and in Karachi, Hyderabad, they support Altaf Hussain’s MQM
  •  In Punjab, Maryam Nawaz is also a very important factor
  •  Now because this class is rich and well-connected
  •  with each other through social media,
  •  they’re fast becoming a strong, potent political force
  •  So whether it is PTI, PML-N or some other political party,
  •  question is who can win them over to their side
  •  Whichever party succeeds in drawing this youth
  •  will be the future of Pakistan

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