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#PoliceReformsNeeded: People Are Demanding Tabdeeli For Safety Of Citizens

Pakistan has always had this bittersweet relationship with its Police force. There are moments when our security forces make us proud via their valiance and dedication, and in other unfortunate events, they makes us want to change the system.

The main duty of the Police force is to protect the citizens, but what do we do when citizens are more scared of the Police itself than of actual criminals? What happens when the citizens do not trust the security men anymore?

They demand reforms.

The recent Sahiwal incident, in which 4 people were killed by the Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) in an ‘encounter’ and the also the ‘encounter’ of Naqeebullah among many other instances has made people speak out against police problems.

Here is what the people have to say

’26 commissions have been made since partition but nothing concrete has been done so far’

‘The environment of police stations in Pakistan is substandard and needs to be made citizen friendly’

The need for developing trust and mutual respect between police and citizens

And there is no legitimate record of police ‘encounters’

‘The British people in subcontinent devised a police culture, not to protect people but to suppress them and rule them. This culture is still existing.’

‘Policing facing problems’

Prime Minister Imran Khan has Police reforms as one of his priorities. He also mentioned it in his 100-day agenda, but not much has been done thus far.

Nonetheless, it is not clear that reforms are needed.

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