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Pakistanis Believe Karachi Is The Dirtiest City In The Country: Survey

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A recent survey conducted by Gallup and Gillani Pakistan, majority of the people across the country believe Karachi is the dirtiest city.

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‘In your opinion, which is the most dirtiest city of Pakistan’ was the question posed by Gallup and Gillani Pakistan to people from all four provinces of the country. Majority of the Pakistanis responded that Karachi was the dirtiest city in their opinion.

A total of 1142 people were surveyed in both rural and urban areas of Pakistan from January 24 to 28. The error margin, according to Gallup Pakistan, was around 2-3 percent at the confidence level of 95 percent.

Screengrab from Gallup Pakistan survey.

Lahore was rated as the second most dirtiest city with 11 percent of the votes, Peshawar was third with 7 percent of the votes, Faisalabad was fourth with 5 percent and Sukkur was believed to be the 5th most dirtiest city in Pakistan with 4 percent of the votes.

In August 2018, The Economist published a report in which it ranked Karachi fourth in the list of ‘Unlivable’ cities. Karachi’s ranking was based on its stability, culture and environment, health care facilities, education facilities and infrastructure.

According to a feature story published in Dawn in July 2017, 91 percent of the water in Karachi is unfit to drink. The author interviewed several people in Karachi who complained about finding insects in drinking water. Others said the water was salty and sometimes sour.

The drinking water was examined and the results were alarming. Based on physiochemical analysis, 21 (17.8pc) water samples had turbidity (cloudiness) values beyond the safe limits.

From the bacteriological standpoint, 104 (88.1pc) were found to have presence of coliform bacteria beyond the World Health Organisation values (0/100ml cfu) and 40 (33.4pc) had faecal contamination (presence of E. coli), the report said.

The overall data showed that 107 (90.7pc) samples collected from various places in Karachi were unsafe for drinking purposes.

The city also has a grave garbage accumulation and sewage problem. Watch Naya Daur’s video to know more: Karachi is engulfed by massive heaps of sewage.

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