Pakistani Doctor Awarded Prestigious Hunterian Professor Award

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Pakistani Doctor Awarded Prestigious Hunterian Professor Award

Pakistani doctor and scientist Umar Sadat became the first surgeon in 2 centuries to be awarded the prestigious Hunterian Professor Award.

He was presented the accolade for his research work encompassing vascular surgery, bio-engineering, MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) physics and vascular medicine, a story published in Geo News website said.

Sadat is a graduate of Lahore’s King Edward Medical College. He moved to the United Kingdom in 2005, where he did Master of Philosophy, Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Surgery from the University of Cambridge.

Dr Umar, who has published over 150 research papers and won numerous awards for his works, says that Pakistan needs to focus more on research.

“In Pakistan we do not have a research culture, and there is hardly a research infrastructure in healthcare of international level,” he said talking to Geo News.

Pakistani Teacher Awarded Prestigious Cambridge University Prize. His Students Call Him ‘King’

Also this week, Pakistani teacher Ahmed Saya won the World’s Most Dedicated Teacher Award, which was awarded by the University of Cambridge.

‘Teaching is not a job, it’s a responsibility and this responsibility does not end when the class ends’: Ahmed Saya

Out of the 4000 nominated candidates, 50 shortlisted ones and 6 finalists, Saya was named the winner. His students call him ‘King’ due to his dedication, professionalism and manners of teaching.

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