Pakistan Has A New Star. And She Is An 8-year-old Girl

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Pakistan Has A New Star. And She Is An 8-year-old Girl

Nescafe Basement has started its 5th season with absolute bang. For a country that eats, sleeps and breathes music, Episode 1 of the show is like a buffet.

While several talented artists featured in the first episode, including Soch The Band, Ali Tariq, Hamza Tanveer among others, it was an 8-year-girl who totally stole the show and hearts of the entire nation.

Bol Hu – Soch The Band Feat. Hadia Hashmi

Syeda Hadia Hashmi featured in episode 1’s collaboration with Soch The Band. The Sufi song ‘Bol Hu’ was the winner of the night, thanks to little Hadia’s powerful voice and outrageously good vocals.

People are simply blown away by her vocal prowess and how she hits the right notes with absolute perfection.

Social Media Reacts To Hadia Hashmi’s beautiful voice

‘Her voice and her expressions are just amazing’

‘Rooh Ko Khush Kardia, Allah Salamat Rakhay’

Here are some interesting facts about the young star

She is making waves in India too

‘A Star is Born’

Though this is the first time Hadia has performed on the mainstream media, the young music prodigy has spread magic in local circuits too.

Here is Hadia singing a patriotic anthem on Independence Day for Sada TV, a Pakistan-based web channel

She even has her own Youtube channel. This is her singing Noor Jehan’s ‘Aey Wattan Kay Sajeelay Jawano’ during a 14th August competition

Here is another video of the young star

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