Pakistan Bags 2 Gold Medals At Fujairah Open Taekwondo Championship

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Pakistan Bags 2 Gold Medals At Fujairah Open Taekwondo Championship

Pakistani martial artists made the country proud by winning 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals at the 7th Fujairah Open Taekwondo Championships in the United Arab Emirates.

Pakistani Athletes Sinan Ashfaq and Muhammad Danish won Gold medals, Taimur Saeed won Silver medal, while 8-year old Ayesha Ayaz and ArifUllah won Bronze medals during the championship.

Ayesha Ayaz celebrates after victory. (Photo credit: The Nation)

Secretary General Pakistan Taekwondo Federation and International Referee Murtaza Hassan praised the athletes, specially the 8-year-old for making Pakistan proud.

Image result for Taekwondo Pakistan Ayesha Ayaz

He also thanked President of Pakistan Taekwondo Federation Col. Waseem for his continuous support and appreciation.

Pakistani MMA fighter finishes opponent in 80 seconds

to win international debut

Pakistan’s martial artists are making great progress in the international stage.

Recently, Mixed Martial Artist Tayyab Usmani defeated Filipino counterpart Alfredo Melendes to win the Aspera Fighting Championship Lightweight bout.

Faizan Fayyaz and Tayyab Usmani celebrate after winning their bouts.

Pakistan’s Faizan Fayyaz defeated his opponent to win the Aspera Lightweight Championship.

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