Pakistan Air Force Avenge Indian Air Strikes in Balakot

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Pakistan Air Force Avenge Indian Air Strikes in Balakot

Pakistan Air Force on Wednesday gave Indian media and celebrities the kind of shut-up call they deserved. Hope they’ll show some restraint while tweeting in future.

  • “2 Indian aircrafts violating Pakistani airspace shot down”
  • “2 pilots have been arrested”
  • said the DGISPR during a presser on Wednesday morning
  • On Tuesday morning, Indian jets had breached Pakistani airspace
  • and claimed that 350 terrorists had been killed in an attack
  • on a Jaish-e-Mohammad training camp in Balakot, KP
  • DGISPR debunked the Indian claim of striking a JeM training camp,
  • with a 1,000 kg bomb that killed 350 terrorists,
  • and spending 21 minutes in Pakistani airspace
  • But India’s jingoistic media and politicians started celebrating this act of violence
  • BDutt:
  • This is how a Telugu newscaster presented the news this week:

  • Their opposition is in agreement

  • Of course, Christine Fair has an opinion:

  • Bollywood has also toed the jingoism line
  • From Ranveer Singh to Kangana Ranaut; they’re calling for war

  • Remember Sid? The nice guy from Rang De Basanti.
  • Yup. Et tu, Sid?

  • But Wednesday morning, the Indian side had to go mum
  • when Pakistan released footage of an Indian pilot Abhinandhan,
  • handcuffed and in Pakistani custody
  • There’s no point going to war
  • ‘Democracies don’t fight each other’
  • But India must remember that if it takes the course of war,
  • Pakistan has every right to retaliate and defend its sovereignty
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