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‘My Home And Heart Is Open To You’: Indians Open Doors To Kashmiris Subjected To Violence After Pulwama Attack

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The aftermath of Pulwama Attack, in which 44 Indian soldiers in the Occupied Kashmir were killed when a van full of explosives rammed into their convoy, had several groups in India turn to violent ways and subject Kashmiri students and people living in India to violence and discrimination.

To avoid attacks in Dehradun, 20 Kashmiri female students were directed to lock themselves in their hostel rooms until the police security arrived. The Aligarh Muslim University has also ordered students to limit their movement outside the campus.

The situation in Punjab was similar. Many Kashmiris were assaulted by mobs and individuals alike and students were ordered not to leave hostels, reported Times of India.

Despite violence and assaults from some groups/individuals in India, there were also those who rose above the hatred and set an example for others to follow.

Many Indians have taken to Twitter and invited Kashmiris, who do not feel safe in their surroundings, to their homes.

Journalist Sagrika Kissu has invited any Kashmiri facing problems in India to her home saying that she can accommodate around 9-10 people at her place. “If any Kashmiri is facing problem in Delhi, connect with me. My place is open for Kashmiris. You can stay at my place. I can accommodate 9-10 people at my place,” she said.

Lawyer Dushyant has also followed into Sagrika’s footsteps and opened doors for Kashmiris facing discrimination. “I live in Noida and my home and the homes of many of my friends are open to any Kashmiri who isn’t feeling safe in Delhi/NCR,” he said.

Twitter user Sibhani Sahu said that several Kashmiris living in Hyderabad were not feeling safe and that her doors are open for them too. “My home is open to any Kashmiri who isn’t feeling safe in the city.”

Journalist Sardeep Rajdesai invited Kashmiri students facing discrimination and ill-attitude to his house saying that his “home and heart as well as those of right thinking Indians are open for them all”.

User Sidharth Nandan offered help to Kashmiris saying that Hooliganism can never be right. “Like everyone else, my home is open to all,” he said.

User Hassan Rizvi says his home is open to Kashmiri people and that he can accommodate around 4 people.

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