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Mohammad bin Salman’s Pakistan visit a major boost for Pakistan economy

Mohammad bin Salman’s visit to Pakistan has been a major boost to Pakistan’s economy since  investment worth 14bn dollars has been promised by the Saudi crown prince. The question however is, what’s the flip side.

  •  “Mr Prime Minister! Consider me Pakistan’s ambassador in Saudi Arabia”
  •  “We can’t say ‘NO’ to Pakistan”
  •  These were Saudi crown prince Mohammad bin Salman’s words
  •  during his recent Pakistan visit
  •  But everything has advantages and disadvantages
  •  So let’s assess what benefits we see from this visit
  •  and what its flipside could be
  •  First let’s discuss the advantages
  • The kind of political challenges Pakistan is facing,
  •  the promise of an investment worth USD 14bn is a welcome move
  •  and the economic activity this investment generates
  •  will be beneficial for both the countries
  •  But then, what could be its flipside?
  •  Any country that invests such a large amount in another country,
  •  does it only expect financial benefits in return?
  •  And if we look at it in historical perspective,
  •  have we only looked at Saudi Arabia for financial transactions
  •  or has Saudi Arabia also made other demands from us?
  •  We got major financial assistance from Saudi Arabia
  •  when we fought US’s proxy war in Afghanistan
  •  Saudi Arabia matched the funding we received from the US
  •  and it was around one billion dollars
  •  But we’re reaping the crop we had sowed then
  •  So what would be the trade off this time?
  •  This is the question analysts are trying to find answer to
  •  Saudi Arabia wants to improve its presence in the region
  •  The crown prince visited Pakistan, and then India too,
  •  hinting at investment worth 40bn dollars there as well
  •  So we’ll have to see where this situation leads us to
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