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Misogyny normalized by media through sexist content

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Sexist slurs, jokes are a norm in Pakistan. This is not limited to Khawaja Asif’s remarks against Shireen Mazari or Aamir Liaquat’s suggestive captions. Even women’s team isn’t celebrated as much as their male counterparts. It’s our national behaviour.

* Misogyny is often normalized by the media through its sexist content

* Much of the comedy in mainstream media comes with sexist slurs

* Everyday sexism in Pakistan is rampant

* because there is little discussion on the issue

* For instance, the national women cricket team

* is not celebrated the way the male team is celebrated

* This is because the women cricket

* is not considered serious business

* Pakistan cricket star Shahid Afridi once said “women are great cooks”

* when asked to comment on the women cricket team

* This misogyny is not limited to sports

* Women politicians’ work is also belittled for their gender

* Former minister Khawaja Asif once referred to Minister Shireen Mazari

* as a ‘tractor trolley’ in a reference to her appearance

* PTI MNA Aamir Liaquat once tweeted a picture

* of PPP Senator Sherry Rehman and a male Parliamentarian

* with a caption referring to some suggestive Bollywood lyrics

* There seems to be no end to this culture of misogyny


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Naya Daur