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Ministry Of Human Rights Has Launched Anti-Child Abuse Campaign. But Govt And Society Needs To Do More

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    The Ministry of Human Rights on Wednesday launched an awareness campaign to prevent child abuse.

    In a video campaign, the human rights ministry urged parents and guardians of children to be vigilant. It also urged people of Pakistan to stand up and speak against those who subject children to harassment and abuse.

    Moreover, in the message, children were also told about the good and bad touch. “Not every adult person you meet is trustworthy,” the video said.

    While the ministry has taken a positive step forward to save children from psychological and physical abuse, it is the responsibility of every citizento safeguard the future generations.

    Here are a few things we can do to combat child abuse.

    What Government Should Do Apart From Campaigning

    Including A Chapter On Child Abuse In School Curriculum

    School is where children learn most, so it is very important for the government to include a chapter in curriculum which educates them about the good and bad touch, ways to prevent child abuse and the need to report any bad experience.

    Social Media Campaigns are vital, but to educate children on mass level, school is the go-to platform.

    Constituting A National Commission on To Protect Child Rights

    In September 2017, the National Assembly passed the National Commission on the Rights of Child Act, 2017 that aimed to protect the child rights.

    However, almost one-and-a-half year later, the government, neither the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) nor the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has formed the committee. Now is the time PTI does what PML-N could not.

    Simpler Procedures

    Another thing the government can do it make it easier for families of victims of child abuse to file complaints.

    In a story published in Dawn, mental health professionals called for the government to train police on how to conduct interviews with the victims and families in a sensitive way. They also urged the government to provide legal aid, counseling and child protection.

    What The Citizens Can Do

    Raise The Issue

    The first and most important thing is raising voice against people who abuse children. It is extremely important to raise the issue and make it known to those suffering that it is okay to share their experiences and that people will support them.

    Recognize The Warning Signs

    According to Child Advocacy Centre of Brevard, victims of child abuse mostly never speak up. But there are indicators that might help. For example, unexplained and frequent bruises or marks, low self-esteem, poor hygiene and nervousness among other adults.

    Of course the above mentioned indicators are not a hard and fast rule and can be a result of many other factor too, but we must not ignore them.

    Report Suspected Abuse Or Neglect

    If you feel there is something wrong in your neighbourhood or surroundings, or you know stories, report them to the police or relative authorities.

    Remember, your vigilance can save a life.

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