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Javed Miandad Slams ‘Childish’ And ‘Attention Seeker’ Saurav Ganguly For Saying India Should Not Play Pakistan In WC

The Pulwama Attack has soared tensions between Pakistan and India to new heights. The political turmoil between the two countries has resulted in ban on Pakistani artists, halt of tomato supplies, denial of visa to Pakistan athletes and a whole lot of anti-Pakistan statements from the neighbouring country.

In such circumstances, quite a few Indian cricketers are now calling for India to boycott playing against Pakistan in the ICC World Cup 2019 fixture. Though the International Cricket Council (ICC) says there is no way India can boycott the match, Indian cricketers, politicians and celebrities are adamant.

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Ex-Indian captain Saurav Ganguly said that it would not really matter if India does not play one match against Pakistan because WC is a tournament of 10 teams. He said there was a need to send Pakistan a ‘strong message’ and for that reason, India must boycott playing cricket, and the WC19 fixture.

This has not impressed former Pakistani captain Javed Miandad, who has slammed Ganguly for being ‘childish’. “I think Saurav Ganguly wants to participate in the upcoming Indian elections and is, therefore, trying to seek attention of his compatriots. To say India should not play Pakistan in the WC is childish and foolish. ICC would never let that happen,” he said.

Ganguly is not the only one making such statements, Indian legend Sachin Tendulkar said that although he is in favour of India playing Pakistan because he ‘would hate to give 2 points to Pakistan’, he will support whatever decision his country makes.

44 Indian soldiers were killed in Pulwama Attack when a van packed with explosives rammed into a convoy of officers in occupied Kashmir.

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