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IHC Verdict Dismisses Rumours Of ‘Deal’ Between Nawaz and ‘Powers That Be’: Imad Zafar

Nawaz Sharif’s bail plea on medical grounds was rejected by the Islamabad High Court earlier. Imad Zafar says that this puts an end to rumours of a ‘deal’ or ‘soft corner’ among hearts of the ‘powers that be’. Watch the video to know more about the case.

  •  Today, Nawaz Sharif’s bail plea has been rejected
  •  by Islamabad High Court,
  •  and Nawaz Sharif, who was rumoured to have created some space
  •  in the hearts of the ‘powers that be’,
  •  and that he was going to get some deal,
  •  all such rumours have turned out to be false
  •  So far, the judges haven’t released a detailed verdict,
  •  they have only rejected bail plea filed on medical grounds
  •  Question arises here that the ministers and journalists
  •  who had been crying about some deal by Nawaz Sharif,
  •  where do they stand today and do they feel any remorse?
  •  Had Nawaz Sharif wanted to have a deal, he’d have done it long ago,
  •  especially when he was told to stay in England and not contest election,
  •  He had refused to accept the offer even at that time
  •  On the other hand, if Nawaz is kept in jail,
  •  then are we in the process of creating another Bhutto?
  •  Because Nawaz Sharif’s health is actually deteriorating
  •  and if something happens to him,
  •  it’ll be politically damaging for the ruling PTI, not PML-N
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