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EU committee on human rights organized discussion on Indian Held Kashmir

European Union discussed Indian govt’s atrocities in the Indian Held Kashmir and highlighted the plight of Kashmiri people. This is being termed a major diplomatic success for Pakistan.

  •  EU committee on human rights recently organized discussion
  •  on the situation in Indian Held Kashmir
  •  and called on India to immediately halt its atrocities in the valley
  •  EU also asked India to probe incidents of human rights violations
  •  This is the first time since 2007 that a discussion
  •  on Kashmir is held on a EU forum
  •  During the event, UN report on Kashmir was shared
  •  in which dire human rights situation was highlighted
  •  The committee also suggested dialogue between Pakistan and India
  •  for resolution of the issue with full participation of Kashmiri people
  •  The event is a huge diplomatic success for Pakistan
  •  since Maleeha Lodhi apprised the UN about the situation,
  •  especially after Pulwama Attack and presented Pakistan’s case in EU
  •  2018 was the most violent year in IHK’s history
  •  as 500 people were killed in the valley,
  •  including children as young as 7 years old
  •  Since 1989, 95,283 Kashmiris have been killed in IHK
  •  while 145,597 civilians have been arrested
  •  Moreover, 11,111 women have been raped and
  •  107,756 children have been orphaned
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