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‘Deflection Is Not Cure’: Twitter Responds To Indian Blame Game Over Pulwama Attack

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At least 44 India paramilitary soldiers were killed when a van carrying explosives crashed into a convoy carrying the officers. The attack is said to be the deadliest since 2016, in which 19 soldiers were killed.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has accused Pakistan for the attack saying that “we will give a befitting reply, our neighbor will not be allowed to destabilize us”. Not only the government, but several elements in the India media are also busy propagating an anti-Pakistan rhetoric.

Foreign Office Spokesperson Muhammad Faisal has strongly rejected “any insinuation by elements in Indian government and media circles that seek to link the attack to State of Pakistan without investigations”.

Pakistani politicians, activists, journalists among others are also responding to India for blaming Pakistan and fueling hatred among the two countries.

Responding to Shabana Azmi, who said that Pakistan and India cannot continue cultural exchanges in such circumstances, Farhatullah Babar said that he disagrees. The Pakistani politician said “this is exactly what militants and those wanting to keep the pot boiling want. They want an end to such exchanges, end to people coming closer.”

PPP leader Sherry Rehman condemned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s anti-Pakistan statements, and also criticized the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) for failing to respond to the allegations and ‘threat of punitive strikes’.

Activist Shehla Rashid said that despite curfew, a mob attacked the Janipur Quarters which is home to Kashmiri families. She said the mob entered the quarters while police was a mere spectator.

Lawyer and activist Imaan Mazari condemned India’s blame game saying that ‘systematic oppression cannot go on forever’. She said India wants to blame Pakistan for the Pulwama Attack ‘instead of introspecting and re-evaluating its own appalling treatment of Kashmiris.’

India on Friday announced the withdrawal of Most Favoured Nation status for Pakistan. The decision was made after Indian PM Modi was briefed over the Pulwama Attack.

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