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‘Attack On Press Freedom’: FIA Arrests Journalist Razi Dada. People Demand Immediate Release

Journalist Rizwan Razi, also known as Razi Dada, was arrested by the Federal Investigation Agency on Sunday over cybercrime charges.

According to reports, plain-clothed men came to Razi’s Lahore residence and took him along with him. His son later posted about the incident on Facebook saying that “This is Rizwan Razi’s son. Today morning, some people picked up my father, pushed him into a vehicle and drove away.”

A FIR was registered against the Din News journalist under the Section 154 Code of Criminal Procedure. In the FIR, it was said that Razi was questioned over his ‘defamatory’ tweets against the judiciary, state institutions and the intelligence agencies.

Copy of the FIR. (Source: Omar Quraishi)

According to NewsTribe, family sources said that the journalist was facing threats and intimidations from different quarters for quite some time.

Social Media Is Demanding Immediate Release Of Razi And Calling His Arrest An Attack On Freedom Of Press

“Senior journalist Rizwan Razi should be released instantly. It’s an attack on press freedom and civil liberties guaranteed by constitution”: Journalist Ajmal Shah Din

“Arrest of journalist Razi Dada is a blatant attempt to suppress freedom of expression. The govt should immediately”: Journalist Arshad Sharif

“Rizwan Razi’s disappearance is a big test of the govt which claims they have the best ‘coordination’ with all the institutions”: Journalist Ahmed Waheed

“Abduction of Razi Dada for his critical opinion of government policies is condemnable. Whoever doing this is damaging Pakistan”: Journalist Murtaza Ali Shah

Earlier today, Forman Christian College professor Ammar Ali Jan was taken into custody for participating in protests against killing of Pashtun Tahaffuz Movement (PTM) leader Arman Loni.

He was later released on bail after his arrest sparked protests.

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