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Another Student Takes His Life Due To Mental Stress. Experts Say It Is Time We Take The Issue Seriously

A student of the Khyber Medical College in Peshawar died by suicide on Wednesday reportedly due to mental stress and pressure of studies.

The deceased was a final year student and according to initial reports, took his own life due to mental stress. Police has initiated investigation into the matter and the reason behind the act could only be confirmed after the probe is done.

The body has been shifted to a hospital for post-mortem and will be handed over to the family of the deceased after the examination.

Journalist Iftikhar Firdous says the medical college dean said the boy was ‘depressed’.

“Students keep committing suicides and nobody has taken notice of the rising numbers”, he added in a Tweet.

Psychiatrist and Author Ali Hashmi also Tweeted about the need to pay more attention to the growing number of suicides among students in the country.

“Tired of tweeting this over and over again. Mental Illness is real and life threatening. When will we wake up to it?” he said.

Suicides and attempt to suicide are increasing at an alarming rate in the country. Last year, a Beaconhouse National University (BNU) student jumped off the campus building and took her life due to stress and exam pressure.

Also last year, a final year student in Faisalabad took his life because his teacher allegedly failed him repeatedly due to personal grudge. He also left a heartbreaking note apologizing to family and friends.

Read Naya Daur contributor Noreen Malik’s piece highlighting suicide among students and the need to put less pressure on them.

Academic excellence is not more important than your child’s mental health’, she writes.

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  1. michael john February 7, 2019

    In US, where college admissions are very competitive, entirely based on grades and test scores, and where one went to college can determine the arc of one’s career possibilities, *cram schools* have to close, by law, at 2 AM and hundreds of teenagers commit suicide every year. It’s something to keep in mind as colleges here demand ever more of their applicants.

  2. Naeem Barech February 8, 2019

    Today a medical student of bolan medical college quetta also committed suicide , bcoz his teacher failed him due to personal clash.


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