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A Hundred Journeys: Personal Tale Intermingled With Social Landscape

A hundred Journeys ~ Stories Of My Fatherland is written by author Omar Zafarullah.

This book takes you through the personal ups and downs of Omar’s life on the much bigger canvas of political and social issues that were taking place in Pakistan. Omar has written this book for his son, Haider. When you read the book you realize a very sensitive point about the author and this book.

It’s the fear that resides in Omar’s heart which he has portrayed beautifully in this book. As the book mentions, Omar lost his father in a car accident. He had so many questions to ask him, but the time was short. Maybe he has made too many mistakes in his life. Maybe he has gone through a lot which he could have avoided if he had his father to guide him. Maybe. Just may be.

This book takes us through decades of life as Omar and his family has experienced it. Their personal tale is intermingled with the description of political and social changes that have taken place in Pakistan.

The book talks about Maa Ji’s character. Maa ji was a young woman who was left alone to lead her family in this patriarchic society. The decisions she took back then have changed the fortunes of Zafarullah’s family altogether. The capacity of tilling the soil has been replaced with white collar professions.

Life has moved on. In this book, Omar Zafarullah shares with us various stories of his fatherland, Pakistan. How fortunes have changed for him, his family and for his country is the crux of this book. It is a simply described tale presented in an enjoyable manner. It is a simple and a good read.

The book also sheds light on various social issues that plague our society. A good effort, I must say.

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