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5 Times Imran Ashraf Proved He Is The Best Actor In Pakistan

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    Imran Ashraf has rose to unprecedented fame with his character of ‘Bhola’ in TV Drama ‘Ranjha Ranjha Kardi.In the drama, he plays the role of Mohiyuddin aka ‘Bhola’, a mentally unstable young man.

    His execution of the role, accompanied by his exceptional wit and punch lines have left audiences completely mesmerized. But Ashraf has not only proved his acting prowess with Bhola.

    He has, over the years, performed some extremely tough roles and has gained great success. Here are 5 times he proved he is Showbizz’s finest actor at the moment.

    Bhola – Ranjha Ranjha Kardi

    His performance has not only earned him immense praise, he has also become an Internet sensation with his ‘Haye Maazay’ clip being the most popular among several others classic scenes.

    This is easily Ashraf’s best performance thus far, and he has still a long, long way to go.

    Shammo – Alif Allah Aur Insaan

    In Alif Allah Aur Insaan, Imran played another challenging role and that was of a transgender called ‘Shammo’. His performance was again captivating and magnificent. He played the role with grace and elegance and was easily one of the highlights of the show.

    For anyone else, this could have been a very challenging role, but for Imran, it was another day in the office.

    Azhar – Dil Mom Ka Diya

    The play featured Imran Ashraf as a sidekick with Yasir Nawaz, Neelum Muneer and Hira Suleman as the other stars. This was a role that he possibly had never played before, of a man hopelessly in love but falls into the trap of his Bhabhi (Neelum Muneer), who does not want a union between Azhar and Kamkinat (Hira Suleman), and causes problems.

    The play swings to and fro and is absolutely an emotional roller-coaster. It is safe to say that Imran rides high again.

    Ashar – Gul-e-Rana

    This is a rare moment when Imran played a kind young man who is head over heals for his cousin, played by Sajjal Ali.

    Though a sidekick, Imran proved that he can be equally as good as a kind young man as he is as a ruthless villain or a crook. Though the role was not very challenging considering the standards this young man has set, it sure was a different depiction of himself.

    Dastagir – Dil Lagi

    When you are featuring in the same show as Humayun Saeed, it’s kind of hard to play the main (regardless of the fact that you could do a lot better *jokes*), but Imran being the sidekick did a fabulous job, and added the much needed flare to a rather dry play that revolves around love and vengeance and ultimately love.

    Nonetheless, this was another feather in Imran’s cap.

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