Pulwama attack brings tension on the cricket playground

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Pulwama attack brings tension on the cricket playground

Both India and Pakistan cricket team are suppose to play against each other in June but due to the Pulwama attack accusation against the Pakistani military by the Indian government, tensions are high on the cricket field. Watch the video to learn more.

  •  Pakistan and India are scheduled to play cricket together
  •  on June 16, in England
  •  But the Cricket Club of India (CCI), along with other clubs,
  •  are discouraging the Indian team from playing
  •  They believe that Pakistan
  •  is not doing enough to curb militancy in Kashmir
  •  The recent bombing in Pulwama has been the trigger
  •  Photographs of Pakistani cricketers have been removed
  •  from cricket stadiums in Indian Punjab
  •  PM Imran Khan’s portrait in CCI’s Mumbai office
  •  has been covered with a cloth
  •  Coverage of PSL Twenty20 has also been blacked out in India
  •  What’s the point of all these bans?
  •  The Board of Control for Cricket in India has said
  •  there is no way Pakistan can be banned
  • They added that removing photographers was a mark of protest
  •  The question is will this form of protest achieve anything?
  •  On Twitter, Cricket columnist Ahmer Naqvi points out that
  •  terrorists do not support cricket, so such bans will have no effect
  •  He also points out that even if these bans
  •  annoy Pakistani cricket fans,
  •  the fans do not have power to affect state policy
  •  Both countries’ players and fans only lose with these bans
  •  Already, tensions between the two countries have
  •  prevented both countries from hosting a cricket series since 2013
  •  Sports competitions are meant to bring countries and people together,
  •  not drive them further apart
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