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Zaid Ali ‘fed up’, slams Shaam Idrees and Froggy for ‘I want a baby’ prank video

Weeks after Youtubers Shaam Idrees and Queen Froggy tied the knot, they have come up with a ‘I want a baby’ prank and people, except for fellow Youtuber Zaid Ali, have found it ‘cute’ and ‘adorable’.

In the vlog, Froggy talks to Shaam about babies, and people are finding it extremely adorable.

Here are some the reactions.

People find it cute and they are just excited to see the couple’s vlog.

Here too, people find the vlog cute. Some really miss daily vlogs and want the two to beef up their content for their fans and followers. And of course, prayers and best wishes for the newly wed couple.

They even have fans from South America.

Also those who believe Froggy would look extremely cute as a pregnant lady. We sure can’t disagree with that.

But here is where the fun really begins. Another Youtuber, and a high-profile one, is not too pleased with the kind of content Shaam and Froggy are showing to the masses.  

Zaid Ali said that he was ‘fed up’ of THIS (not Sham and Froggy) but what he called inappropriate content. He also questioned as to how long would we let such content to continue.

And it seems like one familiar face agrees with Zaid.

However, another Youtuber criticised Zaid saying that he was just ‘taking personal grudges at Sham’. He also said Zaid knew who he was from the inside.

It is clear that Pakistani Youtubers don’t really share good terms.

Source: Giphy

And of course, reactions were mixed to Zaid’s tweet. Some agreed, some while asked him to stay in his lane.

Here is the full prank video

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