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Women in Kerala form 620km wall to protest against religious conservatives

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Millions of women on Tuesday joined hand-in-hand to form a 620km long wall from the northern tip to the southern end of Kerala.

The main purpose of the wall was to protest against religious conservatives who forbid entry of menstruating women in the Lord Ayyappa temple at Sabarimala despite the Supreme Court’s orders to allow the women in the temple.

The human chain, comprising of women of all castes, classes and religion, was sponsored by CPI(M) led LDF government in Kerala to implement the SC verdict.

And the women in India have shown how powerful they can be if they stand up for themselves and join hand with other women to make an impact.

Here is the video of the Women Wall

You ain’t breaking this wall

People have been reacting and lauding the participating women for standing up to what is right.

‘A defining day in Kerala’s feminist politics’

‘Women are refusing to go back to the medieval ages and claiming gender justice’

5 MILLION. Remember the number.

‘South India exhibiting the best of South Asia, as always’

This sure is a great step taken by women in India and will sure inspire others in the region.

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