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What damages culture most is watching too much TV: Shaniera Akram

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Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) issued directives to TV channels earlier this week to not air ‘indecent’ and ‘questionable’ scenes and TV dramas because they go against the cultural and societal values of the country.

Read story: PEMRA has directed TV channels to not air ‘indecent’ dramas after too many complaints

The move has been criticized in various circles, while there are also people who are appreciating it. PEMRA said that the orders were given after the media watchdog received numerous complaints regarding ‘indecent’ content, ‘bed scenes’, ‘intimate scenes’ and ‘violence’ among other reasons.

Shaniera Akram, however, believes that it is not the ‘indecent’ content that is damaging the culture but too much time spent watching TV.

What she means is that people spend way too much time watching TV everyday that they are unable to spend more time doing productive things.

Source: Women.com

But this is possibly the best counter-argument. And it’s so true 

A totally better way of spending your day

Self-reflection it is

And of course, some people did disagree saying that the content shown on TV is indeed ‘indecent’

For example


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