Unsung Heroes: Salute To Our Polio Workers For Going Strong Despite Harsh Weather, Obstacles

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Unsung Heroes: Salute To Our Polio Workers For Going Strong Despite Harsh Weather, Obstacles

Polio Workers in Pakistan are setting the bar sky-high when it comes to serving humanity with selflessness and dedication.

Their efforts and dedication in eradicating the disease from the country and saving children’s future countrywide deserves all the love and appreciation in the world.

Recently, a video has gone viral on social media where a Polio Worker can be seen walking through inches of snow towards his destination.

It can be clearly seen how difficult it is for him to move, but his courage, commitment and honesty for his profession is remarkable.

This is not the first and only case of Polio Workers’ courage.

These unsung heroes of Pakistan also face life threats in some areas of the country. During the past years, many workers were shot dead or kidnapped. Female workers are often subjected to harassment too.

Here is a Twitter user sharing a story of how Polio Workers in his area were continuing to work despite heavy rainfall.

But nothing can break the will of these brave sons and daughters of the country.

Here is what people have to say

Polio Workers are indeed our unsung heroes and deserve more recognition and facilities.

They are putting their lives and health at stake to save the nation’s future generations and that too at a minimal wage.


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