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Top lies children tell their parents

You wouldn’t know what goes through a child’s mind unless you talk to them, and when you talk to them, you realize how imaginative and sharp their minds are.

So to say, they know how to protect themselves in problematic situations, even if it means lying. Now, some lies are so expertly put forward that you believe them, while others are plain hilarious.

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Here are some of the common lies children tell their parents and make them believe.

“We have not received the report card yet” 

Desi version: “School walon ne report card nahi dya

If you are reading this, we are pretty sure you have done this too, unless you were a topper and didn’t need to hide the shame of failing mathematics.

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Children with bad scores would usually use this lie, for some time, to save themselves from the wrath of parents. Even though they would have the report card in their bags, they would say otherwise.

“If you let me have XYZ, I won’t ever ask for anything else”

Desi version: Mujhe scootie le dain, me aur kuch nahi mangonga/gi

If you are parent, you better not believe your children when they are saying this. Because two days later, they will be asking for something else.

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That’s just how children are. Buy them things they make requests for but never believe that the last time they asked you for something was the last time they’d ever ask you for a thing.

“I am too sick to go to school today”

Desi version: “Mere pait me dard ho raha hai

We have all hated school at one point or another in our lives, specially on days when the teacher would take written tests, and God forbid oral ones. We never liked it, did we?

Source: Yandex

So we used to fake sickness. Even to this date children use this centuries old trick, though a bid modern techniques also come handy. But being sick always works, specially on mothers. Kyunki Maoon Ka Dil MOM Jesa Hota Hai.

“I will do it tomorrow”

Desi version: “Kal paka karon ga pls

Whether it is homework, or a household chore, doing it tomorrow is always the best way to do it.

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But as they say, tomorrow never comes. And it really does not, because there is tomorrow after everyday, so we are never sure which tomorrow we are talking about here.

“He started it”

Desi version: “Isnay mujhay pehle thapar mara

We have all fought with our siblings, cousins and friends, and mind you those were some violent battles.

Source: Giphy

But did we ever admitted our mistakes? Not a chance. ‘He started it’ is and forever will be the safe zone. And trust us, parents will always trust their children more than those of others.

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