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The most stunning from around the world

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2018 came to an end last night as countries all over the world celebrated entry into 2019.

Some countries continued their longstanding traditions of presenting the best firework display, while other also impressed this year.

Here are some of the best images from the dying minutes of 2018

Australia, as usual, managed to keep its tradition going. There are not many countries that can beat the Aussies at new year eve fireworks and they have made sure there is not much competition this time around too.

Hongkong was absolutely stunning too. Probably one of the best displays of fireworks this year. Agree?

Here is Singapore, colourful and sublime. This has to be one of the top celebrations too. Amazing entry into 2019.

New Zealand was one of the first countries to make it to 2019 and did not they do it in style?

HATERS WILL SAY THIS IS NOT PARIS. It’s not, but it sure is a great sight as Bahria Town in Lahore decorates the sky in all its glory

Not even rain would stop New Yorkers from celebrating the end of 2018 and beginning of 2019

London is always special

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