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‘Smaller coffins are the heaviest’: Remembering Zainab on 1st death anniversary

7-year-old Zainab Ansari from Kasur was subjected to sexual assault before strangled to death last year in January. Her dead body was retrieved from a garbage dump near her home on January 9, 2018.

She went missing from outside her room on January 4. The brutal rape and murder of the Kasur-based Zainab outraged the entire country as people protested in all circles.

The case became a high-profile one as it was continuously covered in mainstream and social media. The culrpit, Imran Ali, was later arrested and hanged till death late last year.

Zainab and her family were served justice they deserved, but the problem still remains. Tens of children like Zainab are sexually assaulted every day and the number is expected to be higher.

Social Media has been remembering the innocent child that went too soon and is also calling to strict measures to counter the menace.

Tahirul Qadri says it was the nationwide outrage that led to Zainab getting justice, otherwise her case would have been no different than the previous ones

‘Zero tolerance’ when it comes to child abuse

‘There is dire need to change mindset in crimes against children’

‘Smaller coffins are heavier’

People are extremely concerned that such incidents are continuing to take place 

‘Sorry, we could not save you’

‘Zainab’s murderer and rapist hanged but can we, as a nation, forgive ourselves for allowing the tragedy to happen’

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