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Shaan Shahid shared naughty pictures on Instagram and people are wanting more

Lollywood superstar Shaan Shahid has shared some naughty pictures on Instagram and people can not get enough of how good he looks at 49.

Shaan shared his shirtless pictures on Instagram and people are commending him on how ripped he looks. The actor said in the post that he was working out and hard for upcoming movie Zarrar and he looks totally ready.

Don’t believe us, watch for YOURSELVES

And here are some of the comments to his post

Here are some more

As per the comments, this is the national reaction to Shaan’s picture

Image result for when you see a hot guy gif

Don’t you wish you had someone who loved you as much as this person loves Shaan? Like seriously, isn’t he the biggest Shaan fan in the world? Like the biggest Shaan fan EVER IN THE WHOLE WORLD? Tell us… Isn’t he?

Pretty sure Superman is going to sue Shaan Shahid for copyrights infringement. You just can not use someone else’s logo. TERRIBLE.

But safe to say Shaan looks good and ready for his upcoming film. Will the film be as good as his pictures? We will have to wait and see.

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