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PM Khan Hosted Heroic Polio Workers And Said He Was Proud Of Them. And So Are We

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Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday invited Polio Worker Irfan Ullah among others and paid rich tributes to the nation’s unsung heroes for their selflessness and professionalism.

IrfanUllah, a polio worker who was seen walking through inches of snow to fulfill his duties last week, was invited at PM House along with other workers, who were appreciated for their efforts.

“Irfan is one of the 260,000 heroes who reach out to children with polio vaccines in harsh weather conditions” Imran Khan said in a tweet.

260,000 polio workers have been tasked to vaccinate children across the country.

Social Media is lauding Imran Khan for his gesture and people are sharing images of other polio workers who deserve similar treatment.

‘So, so touching’

‘It is a great source of encouragement for him’

‘Great gesture which will surely boost the morale of Polio workers’

‘Unprecedented scene’

Here is an image of female polio workers from Dadu in Sindh. These ladies are also setting an example of selflessly working for humanity and saving Pakistan’s future generations.

And here is a regretful scenario. Polio workers should be provided with necessary facilities and better monetary compensations.

We hope that PM Imran Khan’s gesture will inspire people to value and cherish polio workers, our unsung heroes, more, and we hope that government pays them more too.

Because that is the least they deserve.

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