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PEMRA has directed TV channels to not air ‘indecent’ dramas after too many complaints

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Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has directed TV channels to not air dramas with objectionable and indecent content.

PEMRA, in a press release, said that they have received a lot of complaints from the public regarding indecent content in TV dramas.

The contents mentioned include ‘controversial themes, indecent dressing and gestures, divorce, infidelity, extra-marital affairs and unnecessary detailing of events’.

PEMRA said that the viewers have criticized the content of the dramas and that the dramas were not depicting the true picture of Pakistan.

“Indecent scenes, rape scenes, use of drugs and alcohol, bed scenes, intimate moments between couples are being glamourized in utter disregard of the Pakistani culture and values,” people complained.

Another complain mentioned was that most of the dramas revolve around ‘women and feminist issues’ and that it has neglected children, teenagers and men.

The media watchdog ordered all TV channels to stop airing indecent content and told them to create content that paints Pakistan in positive light.

Naya Daur reached out to Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry for comment, but we was not immediately available. We will update the story as soon as he responds.

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