Pakistani MMA fighter finishes opponent in 80 seconds to win international debut

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Pakistani MMA fighter finishes opponent in 80 seconds to win international debut

Pakistani MMA fighter Tayyab Usmani defeated Filipino counterpart Alfredo Melendes to win the Aspera Fighting Championship Lightweight bout.

Usmani won via an arm-bar in minute 1:20 of the first round to be crowned the Aspera undisputed champion.

Tayyab Usmani speaks to media after win

About his win, the MMA starlet said that the victory was possible because of efforts of several people, and that ‘sky is the limit’ for the young man.

“I would like to say thanks to Aspera chief Sir Ferdie Abdilla for giving me the opportunity to show my skills, my promoter Rizwan Ali and everyone who supported me.”

“I’m really grateful for what I’ve achieved so far but it is not going to stop here because sky is the limit. Thanks to my coach Shariq Khan who helped me in preparing for this fight. Thanks to my homie Al-Haaj Tanveer who was always there for me whenever I needed him and Mariyah, one of my biggest supporters, Thankyou.”

The winning team Pakistan at Aspera

Usmani is considered as one of the rising fighters in Pakistan’s MMA scene. He has fought in Pakistan’s top Promotion Fighting Alliance as well and has had won several medals while competing in kickboxing.

Aspera FC is a Brazil-based promotion which also has a network in Asia.

In another bout on the same night, Pakistan’s Faizan Fayyaz defeated his opponent to win the Aspera Lightweight Championship.

MMA continues to grow in Pakistan without government support

The sport of Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is gaining rising popularity with the passage of time, and the most commendable thing about it is that the sport is self-made.

In 2007, MMA godfather Bashir Ahmed came to Pakistan with an aim to promote the sport in Pakistan and in just over 10 years, the sports has made huge progress. Tens of Pakistani MMA fighters compete in tournaments around the world and are making the country proud.

MMA fighters Mehmosh Raza and Ahmed Mujtaba in Thailand (Source: Mehmosh’s instagram)

Names like Mehmosh Raza, Ahmed Mujtaba, Uloomi Karim, Shahid Siddiqui and now Tayyab Usmani among many others are making sure Pakistan establishes itself as a country of brave hearts.

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