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Outrage as girl beheaded and doused in acid after being ‘raped’ in India

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A 16-year-old girl was beheaded and part of her head was doused in acid after she was ‘raped’ in India.

The news has caused outrage in India and people are protesting against the brutality.

Protests in Gaya over the ‘rape’ and murder (Source: TheBiharPost)

There is some confusion, however. The family of the girl, identified as Anjana, claim that the girl was raped and mutilated, but authorities believe that it is a case of honour killing.

The girl went missing on December 28, according to a report filed by her father on January.

However, her mother and sister revealed that she had returned home on the same day but the father had turned her away with a man known to the family.

Source: NewsRoomPost

People are extremely outraged at the news and are calling for the culprits to be dealt with an iron fist.

‘Justice for Anjana’ petition is trending on social media and thousands are signing it and asking authorities to take action

People are also complaining about minimal coverage given to the incident

Others are calling for death penalty

It is not yet clear that the girl was really raped or was killed for honour, but fact of the matter is that another innocent life was lost and that too in a very brutal manner.

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