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Kids in Philippines Swim Through Deep Mangroves To Go To School Daily

Remember when we as kids used to cry because we did not want to go to school despite the facilities at offer?

Now imagine these kids from the Philippines who have to swim and walk through deep mangroves to go to their schools because they do not have another option.

Source: Facebook

According to a BBC report, people living near the sea off the coast of Zamboanga City, a poor region of Mindanao in the south, have to send their kids to school in the most dangerous of ways possible.

Kids walk and even swim through deep mangroves, with their schools bags placed above their heads in plastic bags, to reach their educational institute.

Source: Facebook

One cannot help but salute these young kids for keeping their daunting and arduous daily routine going.

The good news is that a Philippines-based charity Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation will be providing these children with boats which will carry them safe and sound to their schools.

Source: Yellow Boat of Hope Foundation

Charity founder Jay Jaboneta said that when he learnt about this story, he was shocked. He then posted it on Facebook and got some friends involved and are willing to help these kids learn with ease.


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