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Is Donald Trump A Time Traveller? This 1893 Book Makes Shocking Predictions About The US President

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A 1893 book titled ‘Baron Trump’s Marvellous Underground Journey’ is making a lot of noise on social media due to uncanny similarities between the content and current US President Donald Trump’s family and presidentship.

The main character of the book carries the name Baron Trump, the name of Donald Trump’s youngest child. The boy lives in Castle Trump, which is at 5th Avenue.

Donald Trump’s Trump Tower is at 5th Avenue… Surprised yet? Wait… there is a lot more.


For example, the character is aided by ‘Don’ to time travel. Time travel, are you getting it by now?


And all of the stuff takes place in Russia, while Baron’s father, who is a rich business from the United States is running for President in the coming elections.

Little Baron’s dad also has a Secretary with surname Pence. And guess who is the Vice President of the US? Mike Pence…


This stuff is getting crazier


In 1943, Nikolay Tesla died but he had claimed that he had invented a Time Machine. His works were taken up by the US government. It was forwarded to the Office of Alien Property, which is actually a government office in the US.

Then it went into custody of FBI, who then forwarded it to an engineer called JOHN G TRUMP.

And JOHN is Donald’s grandfather.




The author also came up with a sequel of his book and it was called ‘The Last President’

All of this is mind boggling, AND SURPRISING… AND SHOCKING.

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We will leave this up to you to decide.


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