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‘Highly obscene and vulgar’: PEMRA bans Discovery channel’s reality show ‘Naked And Afraid’

Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has banned Discovery channel’s reality show ‘Naked And Afraid’ because its content is ‘ highly obscene and vulgar’ and not in line with the societal values of Pakistan.

In a press release, the media watchdog said that it has been receiving dozens of complains regarding the show. A notice has been issued to the One World Alliance Pvt. Ltd, company which holds distribution rights of Discovery’s content.

PEMRA further mentioned that the show was a breach of article 20(c) of PEMRA Ammendment Act 2007, according to which, no content must be produced which promotes ‘pornography, obscenity, vulgarity or other material offensive to commonly accepted standards of society’.

The reality show also breaches PEMRA’s Electronic Media (Program and Advertisement) Code of Conduct 2015 according to which no content which is against Islamic values or obscene shall be aired.

Earlier this week, PEMRA ordered TV channels to stop airing TV dramas with ‘indecent’ and ‘objectionable’ content citing complaints from the public.

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The contents mentioned include ‘controversial themes, indecent dressing and gestures, divorce, infidelity, extra-marital affairs and unnecessary detailing of events’.

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