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GoP quizzes people about Pakistan’s national sweet and the responses are brilliant

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Do you know what Pakistan’s national sweet is? If you don’t, this is your moment of enlightenment.

Government of Pakistan on its official Twitter account asked Pakistani’s about the country’s national sweet and people have the funniest responses ever.

Here is GoP’s poll and you can clearly see that Gulab Jamun is winning


And yes, Gulab Jamun is the correct answer.

Source: FarnazFever.com

Here is the correct answer and it’s mouth watering

But some people believe anything sweet is national. BAS MEETHI HONA CHAHIYE.

Kuch bhi lay ao bas khanay kay liye is the most Pakistani response ever

Pakistanis are just on another level of COOL


Are there actually anti-Gulab Jamun people?

GoP’s question is making rounds in the neighbourhood too

And here is the govt of Pakistan account confirming Gulab Jamun as the winner

And all we can say is that we are lucky to have Gulab Jamuns as our national sweet

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How much do you love Gulab Jamuns? Share your feelings in the comments section below

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