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Gillette’s new advert on ‘toxic masculinity’ has angered thousands of men. But should it?

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Gillette’s new advertisement has caused quite a stir. The short film advertisement, dedicated to the MeToo movement, asks men to be more responsible and end the prevalence of ‘toxic masculinity’.

The video asks men to take a step forward and respect women, subsequently ending the cycle of sexual harassment and abuse. It also asks for young generations to be taught the right things.

This has angered thousands of men. So much so that the Youtube video has twice as much dislikes as it has likes.

For example, here are a few comments from the Youtube video. People are telling Gillette to continue selling razors, ‘stay in their lane’ and what not.

 Here are some more comments from Youtube in which people are calling for boycott of the products, among several other things. 

Others are digging old Gillette advertisements and promotions and telling the brand how they too were guilty of objectifying women in the past on numerous occasions. 

But as they say, change is always welcome.

The brand has also received positive response for standing up against sexual abuse, harassment and objectification of women.

For example

And that’s possibly what the message is all about

Absolutely NOT

‘It is inspiring and hopeful’

While there has been lots of unexplained outrage, Gillette’s message is clear, concise and a positive one.

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