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From Playboy to Muslim Ummah Leader: Imran Khan In Pictures

Prime Minister Imran Khan is one of the most popular people from Pakistan.

Thanks to his charismatic personality, his cricketing years and political struggle, Imran Khan is not only a household name in Pakistan, but has a huge fanbase around the world.

Some love his personality, some love his voice, some love his killer smile and some just love him entirely.

But Khan did not become a legend overnight. He has faced all sorts of challenges, been in all sorts of situations before and has done it all.

And here is how he evolved throughout the years.

Let us start off with an adorable pic of the PM

Imran Khan with his mother and sister

Jab Khan Saab 5 Saal Kay Thay

Young Khan with his siblings

Jab Khan Saab 9 Saal Kay Thay?

We are not sure, however.

Teenage years

This was when he started playing cricket and must we say, this is the weirdest hairstyle he has ever had. The only one.

His cricketing years

Beat this hairstyle if you wish.

Related image

Test debut against England in 1971

Playing a stroke people said he could never. (Source:Getty Images)

Pakistan’s greatest cricketing moment yet

Imran Khan: Off The Pitch

Look at those Shairs in the background, and be surprised.

Marriage with Jemima Goldsmith. Mind you, this was the hottest couple at the time.


Party Animal

Imran Khan’s political struggle

The beginnings

The Tabdeeli effect. (credit: Al Jazeera)

Picking pace.

Marriage with Reham Khan. Though it lasted a little less than a year.

Focus Back On Political Struggle and Ultimate Premiership

After a failed marriage, Khan turned his attention towards political struggle again and this time, it paid off.

Pioneer of legendary melodies. Rok Sako To Rok Lo.

Khan Sahab Qaum ko Jagatay Huay

Marriage with Bushra Bibi

Prime Minister Imran Khan

Inspired by wife Bushra Bibi’s character and piety, Khan himself vowed to become a better Muslim and human being and also promised to make Pakistan like the State of Madinah.

The two even performed Umrah after marriage. Couple goals, right?

There is sure a lot that has happened in Khan’s life. DAMN! We could easily make a film on his life and that would do great business.

Here is us hoping Khan fulfills his promises he made post-premiership and takes Pakistan forward. Till then, the story continues…

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