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Football fans get ready, Kaka and Luis Figo are coming to Pakistan

Football fans all over Pakistan must mark their calendars because on January 10, Brazilian legend Kaka and Portuguese maestro Luis Figo are coming to Pakistan to launch World Soccer Stars event scheduled for April.

Source: Gfycat

For a country like Pakistan, where football or any other sport that is not cricket for that matter does not get enough recognition, this comes as a welcome move because both Kaka and Figo are absolute legends of the game.

Here is a Pakistan Football fan account tweeting about it

And here is former Barcelona and Real Madrid star Luis Figo confirming himself

Ricardo Kaka too has a message for us

Isn’t it absolutely exciting?

Source: Tenor

The news has also got some top Lollywood stars all excited as well

The duo will make appearances in Karachi and Lahore. So, Karachites and Lahoris, are you READY?

In 2017, Leisure Leagues also brought some of the biggest names in football to Pakistan including Ronaldinho, Ryan Giggs and Roberto Carlos among others.

And now Kaka and Figo coming to Pakistan would further strengthen our stance as a football crazy country.

Therefore, mark January 10 on your calenders and don’t miss out.

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