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5 must reads for a life changing experience

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All books are great but then there are some that you can never forget. A good book wields the potential to completely change one’s life. The words and lines, the ideas and concepts, at times are so potent that they leave a permanent mark on your thought process.

The list mentioned below is not at all exhaustive and as the universal principle goes, the more you read the more you become aware of the meagerness of your knowledge; there cannot be an exhaustive list. However, the below titles will indeed help you to become a better person, inject humility, help you enjoy life more and also help you manage your personal finances.


Written by the Philosopher King Marcus Aurelius, one of the greatest emperors of Roman Empire, this book, which was his personal journal, is a masterpiece. The over-arching theme centres upon the Stoic philosophy – which is a marvelous code of conduct to follow. Under this theme other topics like the triviality and temporariness of life, makes one humble and thoughtful.  The realization that we are all a part of the whole and that whatever comes to us might not be beneficial for us but it always is for the whole provides with a peculiar serenity.

After reading the book, the reader will

  • find more peace in life
  • be able to enjoy and live more fulfilling life
  • have no vengeance against others
  • value greatly what we have taken for granted, and
  • find inner peace

Mystical Dimensions of Islam

Dr. Annemarie Schimmel is a name that needs no introduction. A German Orientalist, and illustrious scholar of Sufism and Islam, she carried a sea of knowledge within.

The book serves as the perfect guide for those who want to learn about Sufism. It acquaints oneself with all the prerequisite ideas that one needs to understand in order to comprehend the mystical world of Sufism. Besides that, there are numerous accounts of different Sufis in the book which so strongly attract the reader. The peerless humility of these saints, the realization of the shortness of life and the importance of humanity infuses one with a spirit cherishing pluralistic values. There is a certain poignancy to the text and one is forced to stop and reflect the way we are leading our lives; bereft of any purpose and meaning. This might help to add one to it.

How to Stop Worrying and Start Living

Most of you would have read or at least know this humdinger of a book by Dale Carnegie. The latter should waste no time and start reading it today as it offers a sublime guide in a form of principles that might lead one to living a tension-free life.

Corroborated by different accounts and the use of an impeccably persuading language the book, if read and practiced in its entirety, will not only give one peace of mind but make you an agent of hope and happiness for others as the ideas inside the book, once learned, will stir you to help others too.

Richest Man in Babylon

Let’s be honest. There is more to a peaceful and happy life than spirituality and mental satisfaction. Yes, money! This one might seem an odd one out, however, completely relates to the theme. Many of us are not good, or quite abysmal, when it comes to managing our personal finances. Pecuniary problems are not only confined to money but, evidently and eventually, start spilling over into one’s personal life effecting relationships.

George S. Clason’s book, that has sold more than 2 million copies worldwide, comes as a savior of the financially troubled – including most of us. Teaching the reader how to save, spend and grow one’s wealth, through the use of ancient names, cities and stories, and concepts deserves an accolade. But it is not only that. The very practicality of those words is commendable and surprising. You will learn skills like financial planning and wealth management.

After reading the book you should have enough money in 2-3 years to plan your trip to China (yes go there, you are in for a surprise).

On the Shortness of Life

It is said to be one of the first self-help books ever written. Seneca, a Greek philosopher, in his essay-cum-book explains to a reader of why he should not waste his time which is a rare, finite, non-renewable resource.

Whilst reading this ancient text you will be astonished to see its relevance to the contemporary world. All of us, inadvertently, waste our times in things and actions that we could have easily avoided and still be happy.

The essay makes one easy to cull out the unnecessary and useless pursuits while inculcating practices and habits that makes life more meaningful and worth-living. Here is an excerpt from it:

“Life Is Long if You Know How to Use It”.

Next, I we will turn to some of the best books on geopolitics, history and international affairs in 2018.

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