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5 Decisions PTI Govt Must Be Commended For

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It has almost been half-a-year since Imran Khan became Prime Minister Imran Khan and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) became the ruling party. A lot has happened during this span of time.

Although the ‘inexperienced’ government has been subjected to a lot of criticism for its ‘amateurish’ policies and U-Turns, for example the Atif Mian episode and what not, they sure have a lot of good stuff to offer too.

Here are 5 decisions the PTI government made which must be commended, because we believe credit should be given where due.

Tree Campaign

With soaring rates of pollution and smog-gy weather, it is pertinent to mention that Pakistan needs to focus more on its environmental woes.

PM Khan plans a tree at Foreign Office

PTI via Billion Tree Tsunami restored 350,000 hectares of forests and degraded land to surpass its Bonn Challenge commitment. In other words, they helped millions and millions of people breathe fresh air. Good work, PTI!

Austerity Drive

PTI’s austerity drive is another reason why party needs to be applauded. Policies that put less burden on government budget are always welcome and a simple lifestyle adopted by the country’s political elite is inspiring.

PM House vehicles auctioned as part of austerity drive

Though there have been instances of anti-austerity by PTI ministers itself, but at least Prime Minister Imran Khan is adamant to promote such values. We hope the current government can continue, and act upon, such policies.

Kartarpur Corridor

For long, the Sikh community in India prayed for Kartarpur Border opening, and their wishes came true when PTI and PM Imran Khan decided that enough was enough.

Khan opened his arms for our lovely Sikh brothers, and one special guest also came all the way from India to thank the PM.

“My biggest wish has now come true and I am very thankful to Imran Khan,” is what Navjot Singh Sidhu said.

Bravado with Trump

Remember when US President Donaldo Trump said Pakistan didn’t do enough in Afghanistan and PM Khan gave him a befitting response saying that he was trying to scapegoat Pakistan for US failures? We do too.

Image result for Trump vs Imran Khan

Khan sent his message loud and clear that Pakistan is all for good diplomatic relations but has the vigilance to stand for its rights when needed.

Housing Scheme Project

PM Khan deserves credit for placing affordable housing at the centre of his political agenda.

Poster of PM Khan’s Housing Scheme

According to the scheme, PM Khan aims to build 5-million low cost houses to cater the needs of homeless and underprivileged people. Khan believes that the project will not only boost economy, but it will also help in providing job opportunities.

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  1. Faiz January 26, 2019

    Indeed commendable and this is how a democratic setup works be select or elect but on the economic front the progress is zero which was sailing smooth under the previous government


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