‘What a tragedy’: Twitter reacts to Ali Raza Abidi’s assassination

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‘What a tragedy’: Twitter reacts to Ali Raza Abidi’s assassination

Former Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) leader Ali Raza Abidi was gunned down last night outside his residence in Karachi’s DHA, news of which left the entire country in state of utter shock.

CCTV footage showed that as Abidi’s car stopped outside the gate of his residence, two men on motorbike rushed towards him. One of the miscreants got off the bike, fired multiple shots at Abidi and fled. All of it happened in a matter of seconds.

The MQM leader received 2 bullets to his chest, 1 to his neck and 1 to his arm. He was rushed to the hospital but the damage proved fatal.

His funeral prayer was offered earlier.

Ever since the tragic news broke, social media has been busy paying tributes to the politician and demanding VIP security for those who are under any sort of threat.

‘His only sin was to not compromise on his political beliefs & very few are left who dare to do so’

‘You can either have freedom of expression or freedom to be alive’

CM Buzdar condemns the assassination

‘Shocked and saddened to hear about the tragic death of Ali Raza Abidi’

Abidi’s last video message 

‘I may have lost a friend today but Pakistan has lost one of its finest upcoming politicians’

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