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We need to combat child labour before it’s too late

Pakistan’s children are suffering at the hands of child labour, many of whom spend a lifetime working as kiln labourers and that too for some or no compensation at all. This not only leaves them physically drained, but mentally disturbed too.

Over 11 million children are child labours in Pakistan and they are made to do so to feed their families because most of the families live on minimum wage. This means survival is not possible unless all individuals in a household work.

The work environment is extremely drastic too. Due to the compulsions, children are forced to work under severely humid conditions. Their owners could not care less about their wellbeing because all they are concerned about is earning profits.

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According to a new research, most of the child labours were impoverished orphans, or due to inflation, and unemployment of their parents, they had to work.

The International Labour Organization (ILO) declared poverty as a major reason for child labour.
And since poverty in the country is on the rise, the situation is expected to deteriorate. The government needs to play a substantial role and allocate funds so that the children must not be compelled to work because child labour leads a country towards a dark future.

It is vital to take care of the new generation before it is too late. No one deserves to be a labour, but the world had compelled them to work. They work hard not for being rich rather they just work under all circumstances to earn bread and butter for their families.

According to a report, just in Punjab’s brick kilns 126,779 children are labours. Among them, 32,727 children are deprived of education.

They also desire to carry pens, and books, but their desires just remain in the world of imagination. It is the high time that the government should provide funds so that the children should get healthcare, education and shelter. These children are the future of Pakistan.


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