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Violence against women and the UNiTE initiative

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Violence against women and girls is one of the most persistent human rights violation in the world today. Women all over the world face violations like battering, psychological abuse, marital rape, femicide, sexual violence and harassment, forced marriage, slavery, female genital mutilation and child marriage.

25th November of every year has been designated by the United Nations (UN) to mobilize civil society, activists and governments to advocate legal rights for women and girls. The 2018 theme was incorporated as “#Metoo” campaign. The sixteen days of activism against gender-based violence from 25th November to 10 December began as an international campaign named UNiTE.

UN Secretary General António Guterres calls for global action to enhance cognizance to end violence against women.

In the recent years, the UNiTE campaign has used orange color to represent a future free from any violence. Let’s hope for best. The objectives of the UNiTE campaign for 2018 are, to amplify the voices of diver’s women movements across the world to end violence against women and to respect and acknowledge women’s moment and their leadership in the 16 days of activism of campaign.

Magnifying Pakistan in terms of women and girls’ rights, we find that they are deprived of rights across the country. As girls are psychologically pressured into forced child marriages in all parts of the country. They are brutally killed in the name of honor. Many cases of harassment and sexual violence are recorded by the media channel each year. They are deprived of education and only considered children producing machines.

Globally speaking, the population may be controlled by educating women. Because, in this way, the women can play their healthy role in various walks of life and hence remain engaged. Otherwise, the country would have a major portion of its population dependent on others.

Islam tells us that men and women have been created from a single person and hence either of them can enjoy justice and kind treatment. Both women and men are equally encouraged to seek knowledge as the Prophet (SAW) said “Education is compulsory for every Muslim”. A great female Scholar, Aisha (RA) existed at and around the time of Prophet (SAW). Moreover, Islam has given the freedom of choosing spouses. The acts of harassment or any forced marriage are strongly prohibited, and convicts are given sentence of punishment in Islam.

Talking about Pakistan, there are still many barriers to assure rights to women. It is worthwhile to spread awareness about women education and rights. The government must enforce laws and make sure that violating women rights is punished in accordance with the law.


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Naya Daur