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‘Toughest date on calender’: Remembering APS martyrs

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It’s been four years since the gruesome attack on Army Public School (APS) in Peshawar where 144 students and staff members were mercilessly butchered by terrorists.

The attack came as a shock for everyone in Pakistan and abroad. 135 out of the 144 were school children, with some as young as four and five years old.

Owing to the tragedy, the government and the armed forces decided to catalyze their operations against terrorists and go for a total wipeout.

But even after 4 years, with Pakistan being a much safer place, these wounds don’t seem to heal.

On Twitter, four out of 10 top trends are dedicated to APS martyrs and that just goes on to show us the magnitude of the damage.

People are offering condolence to the victim families and paying tribute to the martyrs.

‘Toughest date on the calender’

‘Black Day in Pakistan’s history’

‘We will never forget you’

‘Never forget’

And a sacrifice they knew nothing of

‘Never forget. Never forgive’

Pakistan will always be indebted to APS martyrs and their families. The kind of sacrifice they made four years ago has made Pakistan into a more secure region. The only regret is that we should have learnt our lesson a little earlier.

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